Ruby-Gazooby in the Music Room

"Linda gave an amazing performance, complete with original music and puppets, juggling, and acrobatics. Her show had children jumping up and down and singing along, and tears of laughter were running down many grown-up faces. We recommend her to any community."

– Ellen Magnuson, Kendrick/Juliaetta Arts Committee

Join clown/musician extraordinaire Linda Severt as she experiences a more than slightly silly music lesson that explores a fantastic world of raucous rhythm, rollicking songs, and topsy-turvy music theory.

When Ruby Gazooby (Linda) arrives and the teacher's not there, having left a forbidding textbook, How to Play Music, it's the magical cue for the room to literally come to life as a startling array of everyday objects and instruments give musical tips and pointers.

Lips Loudspeaker, Sweet-Pete-McBeat, and a mischievous Metro Gnome are just a few of the zany characters that Ruby meets in the Music Room. All are everyday objects and musical instruments that have been made into puppets, yet still function as instruments, including guitar, octave guitar, concertina, recycled junk drum set, bicycle horns, and more – all of which Linda plays with great skill and dexterity.

In addition to being just good, fun theater, "Ruby" also communicates an important message: children are able to learn to play music simply through discovery and exploration. At a time when children are getting less arts education, and think that the only way to play music is to learn to read it, this is a wonderful lesson to learn, especially from someone as skilled as Ms. Severt. Linda believes that there is great value both in formal music education and in self-discovery and playing by ear.