Reviews of "Grinning Streak"

"Think of the quirkiness of the Roches or maybe the B52s and apply that to children's music and you have the wild and wonderful wordplay of Linda Severt. Not surprisingly, she was a member, co-producer, co-writer with the Laura Love Band and Venus Envy, and she brings that sense of fun and adventure into her writing for a younger audience. That Severt is also a juggler explains how she successfully keeps so many musical styles going while singing some of the wittiest lyrics this side of Dr. Seuss. There are the funky strains of 'Tag, You're It,' the country swing of 'I Like Spaghetti,' the happy mandolin and Laura Nyro-esque soul of 'Grinning Streak,' and the circus calliope of 'Prima Clownerina.' Dentists take note; Severt's funky rap song 'Teeth Teeth' is probably the most fun and effective tale this reviewer has ever heard making a case for a daily regimen of oral hygiene. Severt ends the album with the gorgeous 'Dreamer's Lullaby' which sounds like it could have been a lost outtake from the Wizard of Oz. Quirky, fun lyrics, expertly played music, and some nice little lessons in nutrition, tolerance and hygiene, skillfully interlaced into the songs. Linda Severt has much to offer in the way of enjoyment for children and the very lucky adults who buy this album for them."
– Lahri Bond, Parents' Choice

From the blues-rock inspired 'Tag, You're It,' to the cool ukulele on 'Aloha,' to the euphoric dance in 'Grinning Streak,' this is a bright, bouncy collection of songs, an album built for fun 'for everyone who is – or ever was – a kid.' The entertaining and gleeful songs on this CD are written through the eyes of a child ready to play. In the Broadway-tinged 'Skin,' Linda belts out 'Ya gotta have skin – and without it furthermore, both the liver and the abdomen would keep falling on the floor.' A beautiful acoustic arrangement surrounds the pleasure of fuzzy socks in 'I Canít Find My Toes,' and 'Chopsticks for a Rainy Day' gives new energy to the well-worn piano standard. Linda, well known for her circus infused performances and energetic shows, is also a highly regarded in the adult musical world as a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Grinning Streak is clever but not cutesy, a great pick for music that will brings grins to all ages."
– Hilary Field, Victory Review