Linda's CD "Grinning Streak"

• Creative Child Magazine's "Seal of Excellence," 2008
• Creative Child Magazine's "Preferred Choice" award, 2009
• Parents' Choice Foundation's "Silver Honor," 2008

Grinning Streak embodies the playful spirit of children, while at the same time being musically sophisticated.

Linda's versatility and whimsical sense of humor are showcased on this award-winning CD through a wide variety of musical styles, from folk to rap to calypso to rock, with a little yodeling and opera thrown in!

Even when there is a message being delivered, it's presented in the context of fun and adventure. Refreshingly original, Grinning Streak is one CD that parents, too, can hear over and over again.

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"Wild and wonderful wordplay... some of the wittiest lyrics this side of Dr. Seuss. Quirky, fun lyrics, expertly played music, and some nice little lessons in nutrition, tolerance and hygiene, skillfully interlaced into the songs."
– Lahri Bond, Parents' Choice

"Grinning Streak is clever but not cutesy, a great pick for music that will brings grins to all ages."

– Hilary Field, Victory Review

"Students squealed with laughter as Parents' Choice Foundation award-winner Linda Severt combined musicianship, circus clowns, and puppetry in a tour-de-force comedic act. Some students danced in their chairs, others performed a little air guitar — or air ukulele."

LA Times