Interesting Facts about Linda

Linda was born in Rangoon, Burma (now called Yangon, Myanmar).

Linda grew up in Burma, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Maryland.

When Linda was seven years old, she and her brothers and sister had 49 hamsters. They started with two.

Linda was a surfer in High School. Then she got a skateboard and got really good at skateboarding. I mean really, really good. Between 1976 and 1979, Linda won skateboard competitions all over the East Coast. Sometimes contests didn't have a girls' division and Linda would compete with the boys. And guess what? She'd win! She was totally rad.

Linda's family's favorite thing to do together on weekends was to go snorkeling.

Linda thinks that snorkeling is a funny word.

Linda and her siblings used to make up operas about doing chores. They were very dramatic. The songs, that is. Sometimes they still sing them.

Linda has a dog named Gilda who has many nick-names, including: FuzzButt, KnuckleHead, Gilda McBoing-Boing, Gilda Von Fartenburp, and Little Bear.

Performance Highlights